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About Me.

After a 40 year career innovating in the design of healthcare facilities, I returned to painting and drawing full time in 2016. Architecture is a team discipline relying on many others to fulfil a project, whereas painting just relies on the dialogue between the image and the artist, with the pleasure of immediate results. 

I have had one-man exhibitions in Nairobi, in Ypres and Roeselare in Belgium, in Cambridge and in Edinburgh. Currently I participate in group shows whether locally  in Surrey or in London. Most of my work features people, animals and landscapes with which I am familiar, whether in Africa, Sussex or Yorkshire, and some out of my religious beliefs and interest  in myths. 

I acknowledge the influence of German and Flemish expressionists on my work. Many pictures arise out of an encounter demanding to be set down. Some are retained for years while there is a dialogue between memory and the way the image wants to express itself on paper or canvas. Others recur and find different forms depending on the medium used.

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