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  • CFA Artist of the Year Award - Masterful Minds Award, February 2024

  • Shortlisted Artist,  VAA International Exhibition & Scholarship Prize,2024

  • Featured Artist at the VAA International Art Exhibition 2021 April, June 2021

  • Featured Artist of the Month, December 2018, Guildford Art Society

  • Featured illustration for September in Guildford Society of Arts calendar 2020

  • Highly commended artist Visual Arts Open 2020

  • Finalist Circle competition Coronavirus and Social Distancing 2020

  • Published in CFA 12 2021

  • Finalist Broadway Festival 2021

  • Certificate of Artistic Excellence for participation and distinction in the CFA online art contest for exhibition with the worldwide Art booth at the Brooklyn Art Fair September 2021

  • Winner Exclusive 6 Contest May 2022 organised by Blue Blood Gallery Prague

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