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Coffee on the carpet

Another picture made up of elements drawn, literally, from memory.

This one started with the carpet, which is how I remember the hairy striped rug that used to lie by my bed. It was so scratchy we used to claim it was made of donkey hair! Certainly the colours of the stripes were reminiscent of the colours on a donkey.

I wanted another asymmetrical composition so I added in the coffee pot with its spout going in the opposite direction to the carpet stripes. I put it top right with the idea of setting up another trio of objects. I remember these pots being rather odd in that the bottoms were rounded off so they needed a little embroidered cushion to sit on. I think the idea was that they would not lose heat by being placed on any flat conductive surface. Bottom left I placed the coffee tray with its cups and sugar basin and a spoon. I luted one of the coffee cups into an unseen drinkers hand, the suggestion being it had just been poured. Another cup waits on the carpet next to the coffee pot.

Then I placed an incense burner just next to the coffee tray. Sudanesses social life involves a lot of intense burning and if you are offering the whole coffee ceremony to your guests there would have been incense.

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