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This one broke the ice

I have to thank two Williams and a walk in the woods.

It is called "Ice on the pond" but there is no ice around here I am aware of and i was not looking forward, but, as usual, backwards and inwards. The actual image is a recollection of a view from a birdwatching hide on a pond in the Surrey Hills where we were early in February. We were looking for the shapes made by wind blown ice and came upon this vert still pond with alight dusting of snow between the trees behind it.

I started painting this on the 7th of this month after having gone the previous day to a memorial event in Camden to commemorate the onetime senior partner of a practice where I spent nearly half my career as an architect. His name was William and somehow I came home thinking not only about him but also about paintings that used to hang in the offices, one of which was by William Scott.

I have been trying to eliminate more and more of the narrative incidentals from my pictures and this is something you can see happening in his work. I even think that the colour way is something he might have used.

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