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I have been allotted a 3.8 X 1.8m high space in the nave of the Cathedral to hang some of my work with the rest of the Guildford Art Society Committee, which opens on the 11th October.The exhibition is to recognise the significant contribution of the Committee to the smooth running and well-being of the Society, and we'd be delighted to welcome new helpers who wish to offer their time and skills for the benefit of members - and of course become eligible for future Committee exhibitions. The exhibitors are: Sinclair Webster - Chairman, Melanie Cambridge - Vice Chairman, Ingrid Skogland - Exhibitions Co-ordinator, Annmarie Shelton - Social Media and Exhibitions, David Jobson - Webmaster and Membership, Cecila Sprot - Monthly Challenge, David Sprot - GAS Pipeline Editor, Jean Ellis - Secretary, Bob Milton - Transport and Exhibition Construction, Marylin McNie - Previous Chairman and Exhibitions Team.

This picture is 100 X 100 cm. It had to be to include the seated figure of Christ in front of the now empty tomb, enjoying the cool light of the rising sun and the fresh morning breeze together with the rather trippy angels winding up the shroud at the bottom of the picture.

Early morning is a wonderful experience in the Middle East. I decided to do this after look ing at Hans Holbein painting of the Dead Christ where a greying corpse is contained in a claustrophobic narrow slot in the rock. No wonder he was glad to get out!

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